Our Proposals

The plans which have been submitted to Tower Hamlets following discussions with neighbours, community groups and planning offers at the Council will see the site at 21 Buckle Street redeveloped to comprise:

  • An apart-hotel over 13 storeys including 104 rooms
  • Flexible workspace at ground floor and mezzanine level
  • A ground floor café providing active street frontage

We are proposing to redevelop this vacant and redundant office building to deliver a high quality architectural building comprising an apart-hotel (104 rooms), flexible workspace and a cafe at ground floor. We have designed the building to help the transformation of Buckle Street and Plough Street by providing active community uses at ground and mezzanine floor with flexible workspace and a café to encourage activity. This, together with the new public plaza directly opposite our site will help create a vibrant and inviting environment for the community.



Our concept and offer has been uniquely developed to provide business travellers with high quality temporary housing/ accommodation. Our clients vary from large corporate CEOs to project managers for corporate businesses.

Our proximity to the city, makes this site an ideal location for our product.


Flexible workspace and café

We are proposing to provide flexible workspace on the ground and mezzanine floors together with a cafe. The workspace will be accessible to the community to use.



We are proposing to use materials which will complement the surrounding buildings.

We are proposing to use a warm grey hand laid waterstruck brick for the majority of the building with projected soldier courses at the sprandrels and projected corniche at material changes at the base of the building and at the crown.

For the base of the building we are proposing cladding in rusticated, nickel finished metal panels. These will conceal vents and louvers and will complement the brick and glass masonry units at the top.

We are proposing a material change at the upper portion of the building to glazed masonry or glass. This element of the element of the building has been designed to be directly proportionate to the base to provide symmetry.



Car parking/Cycle storage

We are proposing a car free development. All visitors and employees will be expected to use public transport. However, we are proposing six secure cycle parking spaces.



All access points and entrances to the building will be from street level via the main entrance on Buckle Street, whilst the service entrance for staff only will be on Plough Street.


Improved public realm at groundfloor of 21 Buckle Street, view looking east’

Aspiration for café space / reception / meeting space


Benefits of the development

Our proposals will deliver numerous benefits to the local area and wider community including:

• Redeveloping the existing building with a high quality building
• Bringing the site back into use by providing an aparthotel led development
• Generating approximately 45 jobs on site at varying levels from reception staff through to managers
• Providing flexible business space for residents of the proposed apart-hotel and to support local businesses in the area
• Providing a café for local community to use and to encourage activity along Buckle Street
• Improving the visual appearance of the site and surrounding area through public realm improvements
• Providing a financial contribution towards improving local services and infrastructure including upgrading local road networks and public transport

Aerial view of the site in the context of other landscaping in the area

We would kindly appreciate your feedback

21 Buckle Street